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Maternity, baby, kids and family specialized photo studio. Exclusively female professional photographers and staff Happy Birth Photo Studio

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See why 87.4% of our customers decide to come see us back at Happy Birth Photo Studio.

Transparent billing process
There are no additional charges at Happy Birth Photo, regardless of how many poses you would like to take or how often you change clothes ! You are also more than welcome to bring in your favorite outfits with you.
Direct picture delivery on the shooting day
At Happy Birth Photo, we directly burn all the captured data onto a DVD and give it to you on the spot ! We also provide the option to send it to you on your smartphone.* (* limited to IOS and Android users, additional fee may apply). We also offer a wide range of options such as color correction, printing, panel processing, original frames and photo books.
100% female staff
Every photographer and staff member at Happy Birth Photo are female so you can fully relax knowing you will be greeted by women who understand the sometimes complicated and uneasy feelings pregnancy may involve at times.
High fidelity rate
We at Happy Birth Photo Studio make a point on building strong and long lasting relationships with our customers. which explains why 87% of our maternity customers decide to come see us back once their child is eventually born. We constantly strive to provide you the best quality service which in returns is reflected in our high satisfaction rate.
Stylish pictures
We think it would be a shame that once you look at it a couple of times you decided to just lock it up in your closet which is why we always make sure to not only deliver stylish shots, but pictures that will once hung on the wall will perfectly match the warm atmosphere of your cozy little cocoon.
Great results
Since our studio opened in 2009, we have shot over 3,000 pregnant women, but are still studying and broadening our minds to make sure to satisfy any of our customer's needs. We also make a point in constantly developing a larger knowledge base regarding lighting or posing that can't be just simply imitated by other studios. No matter the situation, our customers satisfaction remains our main priority.


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